California Bar Attorney Search Article

How to Do an Effective California Bar Attorney Search

California Bar Attorney Search

California Bar Attorney Search

Need help with legal matters? Well, you will need the services of a lawyer. And, if you are based in the great state of California, you will need to hire one that is properly licensed with impeccable credentials. Unfortunately, most people don’t know squat on how to get detailed information on lawyers. The truth of the matter is that every little piece of information you will need and want to know about a lawyer can be found online. With a simple California bar attorney search using these two key online resources, you will have enough information to wisely decide on the best lawyer for the job.

State Bar of California

The first step in conducting a California bar attorney search is by visiting the official website of the State Bar of California. Clicking the link provided on top should do that for you. The web page that will greet you is the California bar attorney search page. There will be a search bar that you can use to conduct the search. Simply type in the name or the bar number of the lawyer you want to investigate on and voila! A list will be displayed. Clicking on a name in the list will open a more detailed page where you can see the schools he graduated from, his contact details, his bar number, the issuance date of his license, his current status as a lawyer, etc… The page will also provide details about any pending or implemented investigations against him.

If you are looking to find out the lawyer’s record in court, then you will want to use this resource. provides public information about a lawyer. Aside from all the details already found in the State Bar of California website, this particular online resource lists down the court cases history of a lawyer. Simply enter the bar number and execute the search and the info should be ready for your consumption. This resource is perfect if you want to know if the lawyer you plan to hire is experienced and is truly a competent one.

Aside from these two primary resources, you can conduct online California bar attorney searches on and other online legal resources.